Lottie Moore

Lottie Moore
Lottie is Head of Biology Matters at Policy Exchange. Previously, she worked as Policy Manager at Public Policy Projects, as well as holding research positions on identity politics at SOAS and on health equity at University College London. She has a master’s degree in Society and Belief from Oxford University, and a bachelor’s in Political Theology from Bristol.

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Levelling the playing field

  Download Publication   Online Reader A new paper published today by Policy Exchange – backed by two Olympians and one former world no 1 tennis player – exposes how women and girls in amateur sport are being denied fair and safe competition due to authorities adopting gender ideology. Supplemented by eye-witness accounts, Policy Exchange has carried out a comprehensive analysis of sporting records at club, county and other amateur […]

The problem with ‘allyship’ schemes at NHS hospitals

Download Publication Online Reader A new research note published by Policy Exchange exposes serious issues with ‘allyship schemes’ which have become commonplace across the NHS – with materials promoting gender ideology on display in multiple prominent locations at the Royal Free Hospital – a major NHS teaching hospital in London. It reveals that: Noticeboards at the Royal Free, authored by members of the ‘LGBTQ+ & Friends Network’, make the absurd claim that staff should not […]

Asleep at the Wheel

  Download Publication   Online Reader A new report by Policy Exchange today reveals that schools are increasingly becoming influenced by gender ideology, to the extent that fundamental safeguarding principles are being compromised by school’s approaches to children with gender distress and their peers. New research within this report demonstrates that many schools are failing to routinely inform parents when a child discloses gender distress, compromising single-sex spaces, and many […]

Gender identity ideology in the NHS

Download Publication Online Reader A new report by Policy Exchange today exposes a letter written by North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) that states the Trust will not guarantee same-sex intimate care for patients, putting staff preferences above the needs of patients. This is despite the trust’s biggest hospital recording up to 30 sexual assaults against females having taken place on hospital property. The report highlights the fact that NBT’s policies […]

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