Policy Exchange hosts Prime Minister for the launch of the authorised biography of Margaret Thatcher

Dean Godson, Director of Policy Exchange, was delighted to welcome the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, to the official launch of the final volume of Charles Moore’s authorised biography of Margaret Thatcher, Herself Alone.

The event, hosted by Policy Exchange, was the Prime Minister’s first visit to a think tank since he took office. It was attended by some of the surviving dramatis personae from the Thatcher era and other senior figures from the world of politics, journalism and public life.

The Prime Minister praised the biography, saying, it is “not just the greatest recent work of biography but… also, in our lifetimes, the greatest work of modern British history”. Charles Moore, the author of the 20-year project, is a Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange and was previously Chairman of the Trustees. Watch the video of the speeches on YouTube

Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

Judicial Power and the Supreme Court

Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project hosted a panel discussion on the Supreme Court’s prorogation judgment featuring some of the leading legal minds in the country. The speakers, who were evenly split on whether the prorogation should have been considered justiciable, were Lord Sumption, former Justice of the Supreme Court; John Larkin QC, Attorney General for Northern Ireland; Helen Mountfield QC, Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford; and The Lord Trevethin and Oaksey QC, Crossbench Peer and Barrister. It was chaired by Richard Ekins, Head of Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project and Professor of Law at Oxford University. Watch the YouTube video here.

Debating the Supreme Court’s prorogation judgment

The way in which the Supreme Court’s prorogation judgment is received will help shape the common law. In this series of short comments, scholars and lawyers from a wide range of different perspectives reflect on the strength of the Supreme Court’s reasoning and on the judgment’s implications for the constitutional role of courts.

How to modernise the Union

Modernising the United Kingdom – Unleashing the power of the Union, a new report by Policy Exchange, argues that the Government should launch an audacious infrastructure programme and a further devolution of powers to modernise the United Kingdom and boost the economy. Alongside investment in ports, railway infrastructure, roads and ultrafast broadband, the report also recommends wide-ranging environmental and cultural measures designed to promote shared British values, such as the creation of a new Forest of Britain and an annual public holiday on Remembrance Day, 11th November. Read coverage in The Mail on Sunday.

What to do with 20,000 extra police

The 20,000 police recruits promised by the Prime Minister should be used to reverse the “almost total collapse of community policing teams across the country,” according to Rekindling British Policing. The new Policy Exchange report, written by Richard Walton – Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange and former Head of Counter Terrorism Command in the Metropolitan Police – with a Foreword by Sir Mark Rowley QPM, former Assistant Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police, offers a 10-point plan for revival. Read coverage in The Times and The Daily Telegraph.

Boris Johnson sets out the vision for his Premiership

Boris Johnson set out his vision for the United Kingdom on the steps of Downing Street yesterday – in the course of which he embraced many of the ideas championed by Policy Exchange in our series of policy proposals for the next Prime Minister.

The new Prime Minister spoke of:

Arlene Foster, Leader of the DUP, and Sir Graham Brady back Lord Bew paper on the Irish Backstop

The new PM must “seek a new approach to the Irish border issue as part of a broader strategy after Brexit to stabilise and strengthen the Union,” said a new briefing paper by Lord Bew. It featured a Foreword by Sir Graham Brady MP (read it on Red Box), author of the Brady Amendment, and was endorsed by Arlene Foster, Leader of the DUP, at the Policy Exchange event. The idea that the Backstop is required by the Good Friday Agreement, she said, is “the greatest lie told in politics today”. Watch the full event here. Read coverage in The Express.

Davidson and Darling

Sir Lynton Crosby visits Policy Exchange for general election event

To mark the launch of a series of papers and events – “What do we want from the next Prime Minister?” – Policy Exchange and Conservative Home hosted Sir Lynton Crosby, Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, Ben Houchen, Mayor of Teeside, and Rt Hon Lord Feldman of Elstree, former Conservative Party Chairman, for a panel discussion on how the Tories might win votes in places such as Canterbury and Middlesbrough at the same time. Watch the event in full, read Sir Lynton’s article on Red Box and Policy Exchange Director Dean Godson’s introduction to the series on ConHome.

Public supports free long-term social care

Polling commissioned by Policy Exchange revealed massive support for social care being largely free at the point of use and funded out of general taxation. Read the full findings as reported in the Sunday Telegraph, the briefing paper by Warwick Lightfoot and Will Heaven – and watch the event, with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Sally Warren, Director of Policy at the King’s Fund, among others.

The Case of Prorogation

In this new paper for Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project, Professor Martin Loughlin of the LSE outlines the failings he perceives in the Supreme Court’s recent prorogation judgment. The paper is framed as the judgment on appeal by an imaginary higher court, which helps to isolate and highlight the Supreme Court’s missteps, central amongst which is its inattention the significance of the Crown in our constitutional scheme and its history. The paper opens with an introduction summarising where and why the Supreme Court went wrong.

The Duty to Build Beautiful

In his first speech as Prime Minister on domestic policy, Boris Johnson said that his Government will, “emphasise the need, the duty, to build beautiful homes that people actually want to live in, and being sensitive to local concerns.”

As the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission enters its second phase – a final report is due by the end of the year – we are publishing this essay collection to provide new and practical ideas for building more beautiful homes and places. The collection brings together thinkers from law, finance, energy and environment, architecture, property, planning and housing.

Putting Royal Assent in Doubt?

The parliamentary authorities have taken the view that because the Supreme Court has quashed the prorogation of Parliament, everything else done by the Royal Commission in the morning of 10 September has been quashed as well. Accordingly, both the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Lord Speaker have indicated that Royal Assent for the Restoration and Renewal Bill would need to be signified again. This paper argues that the Speakers have wrongly understood the Supreme Court’s judgment in this respect.

Debating the Supreme Court’s prorogation judgment

Related Content  The Supreme Court’s judgment in Miller/Cherry[2019] UKSC 41, holding that Parliament was not prorogued on 10 September, is by any measure a momentous judgment.  Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project commented on the litigation before this judgment...

Policy Exchange launches Space Policy Unit

The UK should consider setting up a new Space Council “along the same lines as the USA”, according to Chris Skidmore, Science Minister, in order to help create a “joined up government policy towards space”.

Home Secretary to examine Treason law proposal

Policy Exchange’s proposal for a new law of Treason, which would help prosecute returning Isis fighters, was discussed in the House of Commons this week and received front page coverage in The Daily Telegraph.

  • Tuesday, 2 April, 2019
    13:30 - 14:30

How can more people be provided a beautiful place to call home? Pioneered by the work of John Ruskin, British Socialists have long had a vision for answering this question. In this panel debate we asked what that vision is today – and how beauty can be for the many, not the few.

  • Monday, 11 March, 2019
    18:00 - 19:30

The problem of jihadi brides and ISIL fighters has made discussions about reform of the law of treason a matter of high public importance. Policy Exchange is proud to have led the public conversation about this issue, beginning with publication in July 2018 of a major cross-party report on modernisation of the law.

  • Thursday, 21 June, 2018
    10:00 - 11:30

The UK Climate Change Act went through Parliament 10 years ago with cross-party support – marking a political consensus on climate action that has continued ever since and serving as an international template.

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