Media Coverage of ‘Unsettled Belonging: A Survey of Britain’s Muslim Communities’

Coverage from The Times, the Guardian, the Daily Mail, and The Sun, the Today programme, and various other media outlets

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Unsettled Belonging: A survey of Britain’s Muslim communities

This new report — by Dr Martyn Frampton, David Goodhart, and Khalid Mahmood — involves the most extensive research of British Muslims ever conducted, and ‘finds they broadly share the same views as the rest of the population’.

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The Case for Global Trade in an Era of Populist Protectionism: Lessons from New Zealand

    Lessons from New Zealand for the UK’s post-Brexit Trade Strategy New Zealand was once Britain’s Farm on the other side of the world. In the 1950s the UK bought almost all of New Zealand’s agricultural exports. Somewhat ironically, it was our decision to...
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VIDEO: ‘Parliament and the Prerogative: From the Case of Proclamations to Miller’

Watch Timothy Endicott, Professor of Legal Philosophy in the University of Oxford, speak at Policy Exchange about the royal prerogative and why its use by the Government to trigger Article 50 should be defended

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Media coverage of Policy Exchange’s panel on ‘Criticism and Accountability in Judging’

  Conservative Home: “Policy Exchange, with its Judicial Power Project, is setting the pace. Others need to keep up.”   Recent controversy on judging the legality of Brexit and the role the media should play in holding the judiciary to account was at the...
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VIDEO: Criticism and Accountability in Judging

Next month the Supreme Court will hear the Government’s appeal in the Miller judgment. The backdrop to that hearing is unusually heated: earlier this month, press and politicians reacted strongly to the High Court’s decision. Retired judges, lawyers and political...
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The End of Austerity?: Pre Autumn Statement Briefing

This new commentary, written by Jonathan Dupont — Policy Exchange Economic and Social Policy Research Fellow — contends that ‘given the current stability of the economy, there is no need for dramatic policy interventions, and the Chancellor should be unafraid to deliver a steady-as-it-goes Autumn Statement’

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Criticism and Accountability in Judging

This event was held at Policy Exchange on Monday 28 November, and featured Rt Hon Lord Hope of Craighead, Rt Hon Lord Howard of Lympne, Charles Moore, Joshua Rosenberg, and Professor Graham Gee

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