US foreign policy under the new President

Held at Policy Exchange on 10 November, this event will feature Walter Russell Mead and Sir Nigel Sheinwald GCMG

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The Impact of Development Aid Research Funding

This briefing note gives an overview of the current evidence on the impact of development spending in R&D, with a particular focus on life sciences — the jewel in the crown of the UK economy.

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Power 2.0: how to build a smarter electricity system

On 7 November, you are invited to join a discussion on how to create a smarter, more flexible electricity system in Great Britain. This will mark the launch of a major new Policy Exchange publication, ‘Power 2.0’

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Rights after Brexit: Submission to Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights

This submission has been made by Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project to the Joint Committee on Human Rights at the UK Parliament. Its writers contend that anxiety over the protection of human rights in the wake of the UK’s intention to withdraw from the EU is misplaced

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2017 Wolfson Economics Prize

‘How can we pay for better, safer, more reliable roads in a way that is fair to road users and good for the economy and the environment?’

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London needs its black cabs, but they can learn from Uber

Writing for the Evening Standard, Nick Ferrari discusses his Policy Exchange report, ‘Saving the Black Cab’

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Brexit and the Sovereignty of Parliament

Warwick Lightfoot, Policy Exchange’s Director of Research and Head of Economics and Social Policy, uses AV Dicey’s thoughts on referenda to contend that arguments suggesting that parliamentary sovereignty is being ‘overridden’ regarding Brexit are ‘premature’

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What Would Clem Do?

Oct 11, 2016

‘Citizen Clem’, the new biography of Clement Attlee, written by John Bew, head of Policy Exchange’s Britain in the World project, provides the focus for a panel discussion on Labour’s past and future

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