Lieutenant General IB Chun speaking at Policy Exchange

North Korea – Is there a military option?

Leading South Korean General I-B Chun – former head of Korea’s Special Warfare Command – considered whether there is a military solution to the North Korean threat in an event at Policy Exchange. Chun warned that the North’s nuclear capability is not only directed at the United States; that we should all be worried about their cyber capability, indoctrination of children, that China would prefer a nuclear North Korea to a US-influenced state on its border. But he added: “I truly believe that my system of democracy, freedom, respect for human rights is far more powerful than any North Korean nuclear weapon.”

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Black cab rapist John Worboys

Special Briefing on the Worboys Case

Why are elected ministers are powerless in the face of the release of a serious offender? Policy Exchange’s Director of Research Rupert Oldham-Reid explores how politicians and the judiciary have transferred power (and hard decisions) from elected representatives to unelected officials.

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Future farming policy to reward enhancing the environment – as called for by Policy Exchange

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has announced that a post-Brexit agricultural policy will reward farmers for public goods rather than acreage – as recommended in Policy Exchange’s Farming Tomorrow. The paper says that flood prevention, tree planting and biodiversity should all be subsidised rather than food production.

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Cable and submarine

Chief of Defence Staff echoes Policy Exchange warning on undersea cables

The Chief of the UK Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, has echoed Policy Exchange’s warnings about potential threats to the undersea communications cables that are vital to the internet and international commerce in the annual Chief of Defence Staff Lecture at the Royal United Services Institute. Sir Stuart’s comments come less than two weeks after the publication of our report Undersea Cables: Indispensable, insecure, which highlights that 97% of global communications and $10 trillion in daily financial transactions are transmitted by cables – but that those cables are highly vulnerable to attack from hostile states or terrorists.

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Washington Conference

New Anglo-American project launched with high-level conference in Washington

Policy Exchange launched our new Anglo-American project with a high level conference in Washington to debate US-UK Relations in a Changing World. Both the US National Security Adviser Lt Gen HR McMaster and the National Security Adviser to the British Prime Minister, Mark Sedwill CMG, spoke at the event – the first time the two holders of these positions have appeared together in public. The event attracted widespread media coverage including from Bloomberg, Newsweek, ABC News, Voice of America, Washington Times, The National, Mail Online and the New York Times.

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Human Rights and Political Wrongs: A new approach to Human Rights law

In a major new study for Policy Exchange, Sir Noel Malcolm, leading historian of ideas and Senior Adviser on Human Rights to Policy Exchange, argues that democracy is being eroded by an ever-expanding system of human rights law and condemns the encroachment of the European Court of Human Rights on democratically-elected parliaments. Sir Noel reaches the conclusion that the best way to protect human rights and align this protection with democratically accountable government is for the UK to leave the jurisdiction of the Court. He appeared on the Today programme to debate the issue with Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws QC.

Undersea Cables: Indispensable, insecure

We must do more to protect the indispensable yet insecure internet infrastructure provided by undersea cables, urges Rishi Sunak MP in a new report published by Policy Exchange, Undersea Cables: Indispensable, insecure. 97% of global communications and $10 trillion in daily financial transactions are transmitted not by satellites in the skies, but by cables lying deep beneath the ocean. Undersea cables are the indispensable infrastructure of our time, essential to our modern life and digital economy, yet they are inadequately protected and highly vulnerable to attack at sea and on land, from both hostile states and terrorists.

Global Britain, Global Solutions: How British R&D can transform international development

This new Policy Exchange report, published today — written by Economic and Social Policy Research Fellow, Jonathan Dupont — recommends that the UK should double the proportion of its international aid budget spent on research and development, in order to solve the most pressing global challenges and support the Government’s Industrial Strategy. George Freeman MP, Chair of the Conservative Policy Forum, has written a Foreword for the report.

Comment on the Government’s 25-year environmental plan

Policy Exchange’s Josh Burke comments on the Prime Minister’s speech on the environment – the first such speech by a Prime Minister in over ten years. Burke comments favourably, noting the pledges to reduce plastic waste, create a new forest and to make development environmentally sustainable. Funding will remain a challenge for some projects but largely this plan will be welcomed by those who believe in conservation.

Latest News

Policy Exchange report cited in HuffPost blog on mass atrocities

A year on from its publication and as Holocaust Memorial Day approaches, Policy Exchange’s report The Cost of Doing Nothing: The Price of Inaction in the Face of Mass Atrocities has featured in a HuffPost blog considering whether, and how, the UK should improve its record of interventions overseas.

Warwick Lightfoot gives evidence to International Trade Committee

Policy Exchange’s Director of Economics Warwick Lightfoot gave evidence to the House of Commons International Trade Committee on US-UK trade after Brexit. Warwick argued that consumers should be at the heart of trade policy, and that freer trade means more choice and lower prices for them.

Graham Gudgin gives evidence to committee on Irish border

Policy Exchange’s Chief Economic Adviser Dr Graham Gudgin gave evidence to the House of Lords EU Select Committee on UK-Irish relations after Brexit. Dr Gudgin argued that electronic solutions should be prioritised for the border and argued that securing a free trade agreement with the EU must be a priority.


  • Thursday, 1 February, 2018
    18:00 - 19:30

In his new study for Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project, Sir Noel Malcolm considers European Human Rights law and finds it wanting. This event will address Sir Noel’s critique of European Human Rights law – and his robust conclusion that the UK ought to withdraw from the Convention. Above all it will examine his new approach to the nature of human rights and the place they ought to have in our constitution.



Policy Exchange, 6th Floor, 8 – 10 Great George St, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AE

  • Tuesday, 23 January, 2018
    13:00 - 14:00

The expansion of judicial power has gone hand-in-hand with a greater emphasis on judicial independence. The more that judges hold those who exercise political power to account, the greater the emphasis placed on ensuring that judges are equipped—individually and institutionally—to resolve politically sensitive disputes impartially, according to law and free from improper pressure. But there is a risk that the notion of judicial independence will become inflated, squeezing out for example legitimate political criticism of judicial decisions. This seminar explores the definition and proper limits of judicial independence. 



Policy Exchange, 6th Floor, 8 – 10 Great George St, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AE

  • Monday, 22 January, 2018
    18:30 - 19:30

This lecture examines recognised or potential spheres of state activity traditionally thought beyond the scope of judicial review, whether by virtue of their character or historical antecedents. This includes the conduct of foreign affairs, economic policy, and the prerogatives of Parliament to punish contempt and to impose sanctions on its members. The lecture reflects on these three spheres in light of the steady growth of the domain claimed for judicial review.



Policy Exchange, 6th Floor, 8 – 10 Great George St, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AE

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