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Headed by Liam Booth-Smith, Liveable London is a major new policy programme launched by Policy Exchange to champion new ideas to make London a better place to live and work. Grown out of the successful Capital City Foundation initiative, Liveable London will focus on the everyday experiences of Londoners, addressing both the big structural and small but symbolic challenges the capital faces.

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Liam Booth-SmithLiam Booth-Smith

Director of Policy and Development

Liam Booth-Smith is Director of Policy and Development at Policy Exchange where he oversees the Liveable London research programme. Before joining Policy Exchange, Liam was the Chief Executive of the think tank Localis, where he published extensively on domestic economic policy, housing and public service reform. Prior to this he was Head of Research and Communications at the consultancy Impower. He has also worked for the think tank NLGN, in the public sector and as a policy advisor at City & Guilds. He is a broadcast reviewer and commentator for Sky News and the BBC and writes regularly for national newspapers and magazines on politics, policy and culture.

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Better Brownfield

Better Brownfield

London needs to build 66,000 new homes a year. But with the population projected to grow by 70,000 a year up to 10.5 million by 2041, London also needs schools, shops, amenities and space for tens of thousands of new jobs. To prepare for and accommodate such levels of growth we must make the very best use of land in the capital. Yet despite the Mayoral drive to increase densities in London, too much space is wasted across the city on sites currently occupied by single-storey big box retail and industrial sheds. In this report we argue for the redevelopment of “Boxland” into genuinely mixed use neighbourhoods where people want to live.

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Nick Ferrari on the Mayor’s Uber decision

Nick Ferrari on the Mayor’s Uber decision

Last autumn, in a paper for Policy Exchange, Nick Ferrari became the first commentator to suggest that the Mayor of London use the renewal of Uber’s operating licence to make the firm behave better. Ferrari does not support last week’s remarkable decision by the London Mayoralty to remove the licence entirely. But, writing for Policy Exchange, he argues that the outcome he advocated — a new licence, under strict conditions — remains perhaps the likeliest ending of this significant Big Tech v Government struggle.

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Policy Exchange launches Liveable London programme

Policy Exchange launches Liveable London programme

Policy Exchange has launched a major new unit dedicated to London and Londoners – to be headed by Liam Booth-Smith, who joins the Policy Exchange team. Liveable London will champion new ideas to make London a better place to live and work. Accompanying the launch, Policy Exchange released a major new report – endorsed by the Evening Standard – setting out how 250,000 new homes could be built in the capital.

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London: An Integration Success Story?

London: An Integration Success Story?

Apr 27, 2016 Apr 27, 2016 Policy Exchange hosted a debate about whether London is a well integrated multi-ethnic city or not. The majority of speakers and those in the audience assumed that the usually optimistic narrative of London as a multi-ethnic success story did not tell the...

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