Gabriel Elefteriu

Director of Research and Strategy and Head of Space Policy

Gabriel Elefteriu is Director of Research and Strategy at Policy Exchange. He also heads the organisation’s Space Policy Unit – the first of its kind in the UK – which he helped establish in April 2019. His background expertise is in space affairs, foreign policy and defence strategy, with a particular interest in Net Assessment. In his previous role at Policy Exchange Gabriel was Senior Defence Fellow within the “Britain in the World” project led by Dr John Bew. Before joining Policy Exchange in 2014, he was Senior Defence Analyst and Consultant with a defence market intelligence company working with global defence and homeland security industry clients, including A&D primes. His earlier experience includes a number of business and security intelligence roles in the City. Gabriel holds a BA in War Studies (1st class) and an MA in Intelligence and International Security (distinction) from King’s College London, where his main research focus was on space security and strategy. He is also an Associate of King’s College.

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