Copernican Revolution – A UK space policy reform agenda

A space policy reform agenda for transforming the UK space enterprise outside the EU’s Copernicus programme

September 1, 2022

In Copernican Revolution, Gabriel Elefteriu explains why the UK must exit EU’s Copernicus Programme and how to use the freed-up money to turbocharge Britain’s space enterprise instead. The 60-page report lays out a comprehensive and costed “Plan B” policy package with four key pillars: two Earth Observation-focused programmes (a dual-use domestic one, and one via ESA); a National Space Lab to cohere all of Britain’s space R&D activities and support delivery; and a major increase in UK’s contribution to ESA, subject to specific guarantees being obtained by the British Government. The paper also calls for true civil-military space integration (including through joint funding of Plan B), a radical reform of UK space governance, and outlines a vision for Britain as a leading space nation in the 21st century.

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Gabriel Elefteriu

Director of Strategy and Space Policy

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