Policy Exchange’s Gabriel Elefteriu discusses the future of UK defence on Radio 4

Gabriel Elefteriu

Director of Strategy and Space Policy

Policy Exchange’ Senior Research Fellow for Defence and Border Security, Gabriel Elefteriu, appeared on Radio 4’s Analysis programme to discuss the future of UK defence.

Elefteriu discussed Policy Exchange’ Britain in the World project and its aim of revitalising foreign policy debate in the UK and warned against a culture of “declinism”. He said that Britain should act as a force for balance:

“We should think about how we can strengthen alliances to make sure that global order does not collapse and we should return to a more realistic view of how the world really works, we are faced by countries like Russia which are really predators in the international system and this is really a struggle for strategic positions. Any withdrawal on our part from certain strategic positions globally will immediately be followed by other countries stepping in, as we have seen again in the Middle East and Syria with Russia.”

Listen to the full programme online.

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