Richard Norrie

Richard Norrie
Richard Norrie was a research fellow at Policy Exchange. He works in the Demography, Immigration, and Integration unit as well as the Integration Hub website. Before this, he worked at Demos.He holds degrees from the universities of Warwick, Oxford, and Cologne. His doctorate was awarded in 2014 and was written on the subject of religiosity and political participation.

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Richard Norrie gives evidence to Women and Equalities Committee

Policy Exchange Demography, Immigration and Integration Research Fellow Richard Norrie appeared in front of Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee to provide advice on the quality and usefulness of the data making up the Race Disparity Audit.

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The Border Audit

Brexit and the ending of free movement, the persistent problem of illegal immigration and the need to avoid any repeat of the Windrush scandal, have combined to put some kind of national identity system right back on the political agenda. One option would be to roll out the ID management system now being developed for the 3.6m EU citizens to everyone. The border should also be a higher priority for future public investment, according to a new report by Policy Exchange’s Head of Demography, Immigration and Integration David Goodhart, The Border Audit: A post-Windrush review.

Farming Tomorrow

This major new Policy Exchange report sets out the once in a generation opportunity that Brexit offers our nation to reform its agricultural and environmental policy. Since 1973, UK farm and food policies have conformed to the rules and objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) — the EU’s principal policy programme. Doing so has, at great expense, reduced Britain’s agricultural productivity by lessening competition and supporting inefficient farmers. It has also increased costs for consumers. This report outlines opportunities to improve policy by focusing on four main interest groups: consumers, producers, the wider rural economy, and the environment. This report offers timely and comprehensive analysis and answers to some of the most pressing policy questions of our day.

The two sides of diversity

New analysis of the Labour Force Survey by Policy Exchange shows for the first time that the most diverse occupations in England and Wales are taxi driving and dentistry – with farming being the least diverse. The picture that emerges is of a workplace where ethnically diverse occupations tend to be either low skilled jobs or highly skilled professional occupations.

Bittersweet Success? Glass Ceilings for Britain’s Ethnic Minorities at the Top of Business and the Professions

This major new Policy Exchange report on ethnic minority progression at the top of business and the professions is a story of glass half full and glass half empty

Integration Index

David Goodhart, head of Policy Exchange's Demography, Immigration, and Integration Unit, looks at varying levels of integration based on location in England and Wales.

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Surprisingly good news in the hate crime figures

The figures just published do not signify an actual increase in incidents of hate.

Welcome for government’s ethnic outcome audit — but a warning too

Policy Exchange’s Head of Demography, Immigration and Integration, David Goodhart, and our Research Fellow Dr Richard Norrie welcome today’s publication of a wide range of data on outcomes for ethnic minorities in Britain today. They warn that this data must not be used to “fuel division based on selective analysis of statistics” and say that “successes as well as failures must be acknowledged”. Concluding that “the analysis does not always flow self-evidently from the data”, they call for further work to be done to understand how factors like age, geography and wealth interact with ethnicity.

Accentuating the negative on race

Has the decline in racial prejudice in Britain really stopped? A semi-official report last week claimed that “there is no clear liberalising trend in racial prejudice” and it was widely and uncritically followed up in the media. But as this blog by David Goodhart and Richard Norrie of Policy Exchange’s Demography unit argues this claim is based on a highly selective reading of the data. The report also provides scant evidence for its claim that prejudice is a significant cause of racial disadvantage.

Indiscriminate on Discrimination

David Goodhart, Policy Exchange's Head of Demography, Immigration and Integration and Richard Norrie, Policy Exchange Demography, Immigration and Integration Research Fellow, respond to the publication of two Government commissioned reviews last week, both related to the life chances of minorities. The Lammy Review, led by David Lammy MP, investigated the treatment of and outcomes for ethnic minorities in the criminal justice system and a report by the Social Mobility Commission looking at the economic chances of young Muslims.

One and a half cheers for the Integration APPG

David Goodhart – Policy Exchange Head of Demography, Immigration & Integration – responds to the new report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration. He also appeared on BBC News to discuss the report.

Integration and the French Election

In the latest of our ongoing series of articles commenting on the French Presidential election, Richard Norrie — Policy Exchange's Demography, Immigration, and Integration Research Fellow — discusses the ethnic composition of France. He argues that — whatever the contest's result — 'anxieties about integration are not going to go away'.

A response to the McGregor-Smith Review on ethnic-minority progression in the workplace

Richard Norrie — Policy Exchange's Demography, Immigration, and Integration Research Fellow — explains why the review is 'statistically crude' and 'overly pessimistic'. He contends that 'we now need to pursue the argument that ethnic-minority progression and inclusion is a matter of basic justice, and also essential if we are to be a successful and integrated multi-ethnic society'.

Are We Becoming More or Less Segregated?

Richard Norrie — Policy Exchange’s Demography, Immigration, and Integration Research Fellow — discusses the issue of neighbourhood division. He concludes that we need to ‘stop apportioning blame’, and move forward

Why is the government trying to get more ‘BME’ students into university?

Richard Norrie, Research Fellow in Policy Exchange’s Demograhy Unit, discusses the Government's approach to University admissions and students from minority backgrounds.

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