March 12, 2017

The two sides of diversity

New analysis of the Labour Force Survey by Policy Exchange shows for the first time that the most diverse occupations in England and Wales are taxi driving and dentistry – with farming being the least diverse. The picture that emerges is of a workplace where ethnically diverse occupations tend to be either low skilled jobs or highly skilled professional occupations.

Dr Richard Norrie, Policy Exchange’s Research fellow, who carried out this analysis, said:

“What is most interesting about the most diverse occupations is that they vary dramatically in the level of skill that they require. The first are jobs that do not require much skill and that require little by way of social capital in order to enter, other than awareness of where opportunities lie. The second type are highly skilled professions that require formal academic training.”


Richard Norrie

Demography, Immigration, and Integration Research Fellow 2016 – 2018

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