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Capital Shift

Download Publication Online Reader In 2021, the UK will host the G7 and COP26 and take a key part in other major summits, giving it a unique opportunity to lead the global diplomatic agenda. This report argues that he UK should use its position to drive a programme of green finance reforms that will enable a fundamental shift to a sustainable global economy. The paper recommends policies for a nature-based […]

At a Rate of Knots: Improving public transport on the River Thames

At a Rate of Knots argues that we can make much more of the river Thames for very little cost, producing a new, integrated and expanded service which will offer a great new option for many of London’s commuters. The river is a core part of London’s identity yet it is cut off from its transport network. This report sets out how to correct this.

Delivering a 21st Century Infrastructure for Britain

Our latest report estimates that in order to renew and replace much of Britain’s tired infrastructure, around £500 billion will need to be spent by 2020 to improve Britain’s competiveness, stimulate economic growth and meet the challenge of climate change.

A Wasted Opportunity: Getting the most out of Britain's Bins

A Wasted Opportunity recommends the radical overhaul of the UK's waste system to reduce the cost on households, improve recycling rates, increase local authority efficiency and expand the proportion of the UK's energy needs met through waste.

Green skies thinking: Promoting the development and commercialisation of sustainable bio-jet fuels

Green Skies Thinking recommends the setting of achievable and enforceable targets for replacing standard kerosene jet fuel with bio-jet fuel from 2020, through the implementation of an EU-wide Sustainable Bio-jet Fuel Blending Mandate. This would result in reductions of greenhouse gas emissions from the UK and EU aviation sectors of 15% in 2020 and 60% in 2050 relative to current predictions.

Knowledge is power: securing transparency in Britain's liberalised energy market

To help alleviate the crisis of confidence in Britain’s liberalised energy market, Knowledge is power sets out a number of options to improve transparency for consumers and the market.

Litterbugs: How to deal with the problem of littering

Litterbugs highlights the blight of littering in the UK, identifies a lack of systematic logic in enforcement policy and proposes new means of cracking down of those responsible.

Warm Homes

To quickly install basic energy efficiency measures in every household that needs them, the structures of energy efficiency finance and delivery have to change. Warm Homes makes recommendations on how to achieve this.

The Root of the Matter

In this report, we argue that preventing deforestation, promoting afforestation/reforestation and stopping peatland destruction are some of the cheapest and most effective ways of reducing global emissions.

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