At a Rate of Knots: Improving public transport on the River Thames

Jan 6, 2010

The Thames is London’s historic highway yet it is invisible on the transport canvas of London. Transport for London has even taken it off the standard Tube map. The river promises an exciting new transport network for Londoners, at a fraction of the normal cost for infrastructure projects, but needs sustained political leadership to make it happen.

This report argues that we can make much more of the river for very little cost, producing a new, integrated and expanded service which will offer a great new option for many of London’s commuters. The river is a core part of London’s identity yet it is cut off from its transport network. This report sets out how to correct this.


A report released on Monday 25th February 2013 by Transport for London proposing measures to improve public transport on the Thames cites a number of recommendations set out in report At a Rate of Knots, including the need to integrate Thames services with the London transport system and to build more higher quality piers.

“Policy Exchange’s report played a vital role in the formation of the Mayor’s River Action Plan. Your proposals to extend and upgrade existing piers, to showcase the benefits of river transport and to introduce a better ticketing service were all taken forward in our new report.”

Daniel Moylan – former Deputy Chairman of TfL, current TfL Board Member and the Mayor’s Advisor on Aviation.


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