Capital Shift

Using the UK’s COP26 and G7 presidencies to green the financial system

March 2, 2021

In 2021, the UK will host the G7 and COP26 and take a key part in other major summits, giving it a unique opportunity to lead the global diplomatic agenda. This report argues that he UK should use its position to drive a programme of green finance reforms that will enable a fundamental shift to a sustainable global economy. The paper recommends policies for a nature-based financial disclosures framework, better collection and standardisation of environment-related risks to the financial system, better recognition of those risks within public and central bank policies, new governance measures and a better approach to regulation that would support the shift towards green finance.

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Benedict McAleenan

Senior Fellow, Energy and Environment (2019-2023)

Ben Caldecott

Head of Environment & Energy Unit, 2008-2009

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