The Future of the North Sea

Maximising the contribution of the North Sea to Net Zero and Levelling Up

November 3, 2020

The Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill is to be considered again by the Public Bill Committee on 13 October 2022.  One of the few clauses of the Bill yet to be considered is clause 187, which replaces provisions of the Vagrancy Act 1824 about begging and rough sleeping which were repealed earlier this year, but the repeal of which has not yet been brought into force. The clause creates a power which, for all practical purposes, it would be impossible to exercise with any confidence – it should be removed from the Bill as soon as possible.  It seems the clause has been included as a “place holder” for replacement provisions to be proposed at a later stage – which is an abuse of Parliament’s procedures.

Economic map of the North Sea in 2020

This is a digital version of the map included on page 24 of our report, The Future of the North Sea. It includes additional layers to the static version included in the report, such as the most promising potential aquifers for carbon, capture and storage (CCS) and oil and gas installations. You can turn on or off different ‘layers’, as well as interact already active layers to display information about them.

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William Nicolle

Research Fellow, Energy and Environment.

Benedict McAleenan

Senior Fellow, Energy and Environment (2019-2023)

Ed Birkett

Head of Energy and Environment (2020-2022)

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