Qatar: Friend or Frenemy?

November 18, 2022

The 2022 World Cup makes Qatar the centre of the world’s attention. This report utilises that interest to declare pertinent questions about Britain’s relationship with the tiny but wealthy gulf state. It queries how Qatar acts on the international stage and asks whether it is a ‘friend’ or ‘frenemy’ to the United Kingdom. Qatar has been an enthusiastic supporter of Islamist causes, but also displays deep pockets in areas that many Britons are unaware of – for example its largesse within our education system. The authors explain the need for government departments and agencies to properly scrutinise Qatari funding, as part of the broader assessment that is now necessary in order to understand Doha’s actions and motives.

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Sir John Jenkins

Senior Fellow

Dr Damon Perry

Senior Research Fellow (2021-2023)

Dr Paul Stott

Head of Security and Extremism

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