June 13, 2011

Inside Job: Creating a market for real work in prison

By Rory Geoghegan & Edward Boyd. Edited by Blair Gibbs.

Steps to improve the employability of offenders are part of the government’s aim to drive a ‘Rehabilitation Revolution’ to create more purposeful regimes that help reduce reoffending and the Coalition Programme committed to ensuring prisoners engage in “properly paid work”. Some good examples of creative employment in custody already exist, but major obstacles remain in the current system that need to be overcome before HM Prison Service can deliver on the government’s objectives. Inside Job maps out what real work in prison should look like and what needs to change in the current prison system to make it a reality.


Rory Geoghegan

Crime & Justice Research Fellow, 2011-2013

Edward Boyd

Crime & Justice Research Fellow, 2011-2013

Blair Gibbs

Head of Crime & Justice, 2010-2012

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