Policy Exchange’s Head of Education, Jonathan Simons, cited by Minister of State for Universities and Science in Public Bill Committee

During the Higher Education and Research Bill Public Bill Committee on 11 October, the Minister of State for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson MP, cited Policy Exchange’s Head of Education, Jonathan Simons. In a discussion about the provision of degree-awarding powers, Johnson commented on the recent development that Teesside University had decided to ‘end its validation of higher education programmes in the wider college network outside the Tees valley in 2017—a decision that will affect 10 FE colleges.’ He then cited Simons:

‘Jonathan Simons, head of education at the Policy Exchange think-tank, said that the Teesside case was a good example of why institutions should not be forced to rely on incumbents to validate their degrees. As he put it, “Being dependent on a university for validation puts colleges in a subservient position and at the mercy of universities making decisions about withdrawing partnerships, not least when universities and colleges are competing for the same students…This is exactly why either colleges should be able to have awarding powers themselves, or there should be some sort of degree awarding council.”’

Click here to read a transcript of the discussion on theyworkforyou.com

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