Policy Exchange’s ‘Fog of War’ cited in Lords debate


Yesterday, the House of Lords debated the Armed Forces Covenant. A wide range of issues was covered, including forces housing, pay, and compensation — and there was a name check for Policy Exchange.

Lord Bilimoria cited The Fog of Law, saying:

‘Policy Exchange, in its report The Fog of Law, says that “human rights laws mean British troops operating in the heat of battle are now being held to the same standard as police officers patrolling the streets” of London. Is this applying the covenant? Surely, when it comes to our troops we should be applying IHL — the Geneva conventions — with primacy over human rights laws.’

Lord Blencathra (former Conservative MP David Maclean) railed against ‘grave injustices which are making a mockery of treating our former soldiers with fairness and respect’, citing the veterans being prosecuted for the alleged murder of Joe McCann.


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