An interview with Tom Tugendhat MP on his work with Policy Exchange

In an interview with Andrew Gimson for ConservativeHome, Tugendhat reflects at length on his work with Policy Exchange on meretricious litigation against the armed forces, and how this has recently been taken up by the Prime Minister.


Interview: Tom Tugendhat on how lawyers are harassing soldiers, and how he is campaigning to stop it happening


One of the most striking declarations in Theresa May’s party conference speech went as follows:

“But we will never again – in any future conflict – let those activist, left-wing human rights lawyers harangue and harass the bravest of the brave – the men and women of Britain’s Armed Forces.”

How was this problem ever allowed to arise, and why is it only now being dealt with? Someone who can help answer these questions is Tom Tugendhat, who between leaving the Army in 2013, and being elected MP for Tonbridge and Malling in 2015, raised the alarm in two pamphlets for Policy Exchange: The Fog of Law and Clearing the Fog of Law …




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