Labour Party Conference 2023

Labour Party Conference 2023

Monday 9th October 9:30 - 10:30 - Room 17, ACC

Shoplifting, violence and abuse: Confronting the crime epidemic faced by retailers and shop-workers

There are few more important issues to be tackled on our high streets than the crime epidemic faced by retailers and shop-workers. ’Property’ crimes are often regressive- impacting those living in the most deprived circumstances the most. The panel will discuss how retail offences are often perpetrated by individuals linked to Organised Crime Groups, yet are rarely taken sufficiently seriously by the police or wider criminal justice system.

Alex Norris MP

Shadow Minister for Policing

Rt Hon Hazel Blears

Former Minister for Policing, Security and Community Safety

Paul Gerrard

Director of Campaigns and Public Affairs, Co-op

Paddy Lillis

General Secretary, USDAW

Paul Richards

Labour and Co-Operative Party Candidate for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

David Spencer (Chair)

Head of Crime and Justice, Policy Exchange

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Monday 9th October 11:00 - 12:00 - Room 17, ACC

How can Labour become the Party of Homeownership?

Homeownership is on the slide, particularly for younger generations. This is a profound crisis that has created intergenerational tensions and heightened wealth inequality. Labour is seeking to cast itself as the party of homeownership, and has set an ambition of 70% of households owning their own homes. This panel will consider how it can achieve this.

Rt Hon Hazel Blears

Former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

Rachel Cunliffe

Senior Associate Editor, New Statesman

Neil Jefferson

Managing Director, Home Builders Federation

Shama Tatler

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Growth, Brent Council

Christopher Worrall

Executive Committee Member, Labour Housing Group

Dr James Vitali (Chair)

Head of Political Economy, Policy Exchange

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Monday 9th October 12:15 - 13.15 - Room 17, ACC

How Would a Labour Government Deliver its Plans for the NHS Workforce of the Future?

Supporting and expanding the NHS workforce will be a top priority for a Labour government. So how can they deliver their plans for the largest workforce expansion in NHS history? What measures should be considered to ensure bottlenecks in training are minimised and so healthcare professionals can be effectively retained over the long-term?

Dr Adrian Boyle

President, Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Anita Charlesworth

Director of Research and the REAL Centre, The Health Foundation

Paul Richards

Former Special Advisor, Department of Health

Professor Juliet Wright

Founding Dean of Medicine, University of Surrey

Dr Sean Phillips (Chair)

Head of Health and Social Care, Policy Exchange

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Monday 9th October 13:30- 14.30 - Room 17, ACC

Delivering Defence: A New Strategy for the British Defence Industrial System

The production challenges and financial cost of Britain’s support to Ukraine has brought into question the suitability of our defence industrial system for modern warfare. This panel considers how the UK can foster a defence industry fit to ensure national security and serve economic rejuvenation.

Luke Pollard MP

Shadow Minister for the Armed Forces

Baroness Anderson of Stoke-on-Trent

Steve Turner,

Assistant General Secretary, Unite the Union

Air Marshal Edward Stringer (Ret’d) CB CBE (Chair)

Senior Fellow Policy Exchange, former Director-General of the Defence Academy

Monday 9th October 15:00- 16:00 - Room 17, ACC

Wes Streeting MP In Conversation with Andrew Marr

Labour recently launched its mission to “build an NHS fit for the future”, promising the delivery of more care in the community, a focus on prevention and the largest workforce expansion in NHS history. So how would a Labour government seek to realise these ambitions? Policy Exchange is pleased to host Wes Streeting MP in conversation with Andrew Marr.

Wes Streeting MP

Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Andrew Marr

Political Editor, New Statesman; Host, Tonight with Andrew Marr, LBC Radio

Monday 9th October 16:30 - 17:30 - Room 17, ACC

Labour’s Plan to get Britain Building Again

The housing crisis is one of the most acute public policy challenges facing the UK. In recent months, the Labour Party has sought to draw dividing lines on the subject with the Government, and to set out its plan for delivering new housing supply. This panel will consider the specific measures a Labour Government would adopt to expand the UK housing stock.

Dan Norris

Metro Mayor West of England

Brian Berry

Chief Executive, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB)

Anya Martin

Co-Director of PricedOut

Sandi Rhys Jones OBE

FCIOB, President, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

Dr James Vitali

Head of Political Economy, Policy Exchange

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Tuesday 10th October 9:30 - 10:30 - Room 17, ACC

Labour’s Plan for Growth and Prosperity

Labour has stated that it will fight the next election on economic growth, and it has pledged to secure the highest sustained growth in the G7 elected. This is an ambitious commitment; how would a Labour Government go about achieving it? This panel will explore Labour’s partnership model for delivering economic growth and its implications for UK Plc.

Tulip Siddiq MP

Shadow Economic Secretary

Sonia Brown

Vice President, Visa Europe

Kitty Ussher

Chief Economist, Institute of Directors

Lord Wood of Anfield

Shadow Minister without Portfolio

Dr James Vitali (Chair)

Head of Political Economy, Policy Exchange

In partnership with

Tuesday 10th October 11:00 - 12:00 - Room 17, ACC

Data Drop: How the quality, presentation and use of data can influence policy outcomes

The COVID pandemic demonstrated the fundamental importance of good data in government decision-making. Yet in every area, from economics to crime to education, the data available – and how it is presented – shapes our understanding and the policy options available. How can we mobilise data to ensure Government makes the best decisions possible?

Chi Onwurah MP

Shadow Minister for Science, Research and Innovation

Dr Catherine Cutts

Former Chief Data Scientist, No 10 Downing Street

Richard Lum

Partner, Newton Europe

Paddy McGuinness CMG OBE

Former Deputy National Security Adviser for Intelligence, Security, and Resilience

Iain Mansfield (Chair)

Director of Research, Policy Exchange

In partnership with

Tuesday 10th October 12:15 - 13.15 - Room 17, ACC

Will Keir Starmer really govern from the centre?

After winning the Labour leadership, Keir Starmer has tilted to the centre on both economic and social policy. Does this reflect his own views? And given that many Labour members and activists – and some MPs – are considerably further to the left, how far can this survive an electoral victory?

Lord Glasman

Labour Peer and Political Theorist

Rt Hon Jim Murphy

Former Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

John Rentoul

Chief Political Commentator, The Independent

Rt Hon Ruth Kelly (Chair)

Former Secretary of State

Tuesday 10th October 16:15- 17:15 - Room 17, ACC

Apprenticeship Reform: How to create an Effective Apprenticeship and Skills Levy?

Apprenticeships can transform lives – but while the Apprenticeship Levy has many strengths, the system is not delivering the number of high quality apprenticeships our country needs. This event will discuss how Labour’s commitment to establish a Growth and Skills Levy offers the opportunity to revitalise employer-based training and create opportunity across the country.

Rt Hon Lord Blunkett

Former Secretary of State for Education and Employment

Matt Brailsford

Head of Project Construction and Development, Mitie

Paul Gerrard

Director of Campaigns and Public Affairs, Co-op

Corrienne Peasgood OBE

President of the Association of Colleges

Steve Rotheram

Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region

Iain Mansfield (Chair)

Director of Research, Policy Exchange

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Tuesday 10th October 17:45 - 18:30 - Room 17, ACC

Maths and Empowerment: Is Maths Excellence the key to Social Mobility?

Maths is fundamental to our success – as individuals, and as a nation. But too many children are failing to realise their potential, or are being held back from success in life. This event will examine how we can revolutionise maths teaching from ages 11 to 18, to develop maths excellence in children of all backgrounds.

Lord Knight of Weymouth

Former Minister of State for Schools and Chair of the Council of British International Schools

Tom Chivers

Science Writer, the i

Daisy Christodoulou

Director of Education, No More Marking

David Thomas

CEO, Mathematics Education for Social Mobility and Excellence (MESME)

Iain Mansfield (Chair)

Director of Research, Policy Exchange

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