During a debate on the phenomenon of “lawfare” against the British armed services, five members of the House of Lords reference Policy Exchange’s seminal work in this area

November 25, 2016

During a debate entitled ‘Limiting the number and nature of claims against the Ministry of Defence and UK armed services personnel arising out of future armed conflict abroad’, five members of the House of Lords referenced Policy Exchange’s seminal work in this area.


Click here to watch the debate, which begins at 11:37am. (The start times of each comment are bracketed below.)


Click here to read Hansard’s transcription of the debate. 


References included:


In his opening remarks, the former Supreme Court Justice, Lord Brown of Eaton-Under-Heywood, who proposed the motion, said that ‘much has been written on this topic, perhaps most helpfully last year in the Policy Exchange paper, Clearing the Fog of Law’. (11.38am)


General Lord Richards referenced the Fog of War project, saying that he’d like to ‘pay tribute to Policy Exchange, the London-based think tank, for putting so much wisdom and energy into this issue’. (12.30pm)


Lord Bilimoria referred to Policy Exchange’s ‘well-known document’, which he quoted, pointing up its suggestion ‘in favour of applying IHL not human rights law to military occupations’. (12:54pm)


Lord Stirrup commented that ‘the 2013 policy paper The Fog of Law, and the subsequent 2015 paper Clearing the Fog of Law provided an excellent overview of the issues involved’. (13:13pm)

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