James Allan

James Allan
James was a Research Fellow and joined Policy Exchange after completing his master’s qualification in Political Economy of the Middle East at King’s College London. His master’s dissertation focused on authoritarianism and democracy, and specifically investigated regime transition and the influence of international linkages on regime outcomes at times of contestation. James previously graduated from Durham University with a degree in Politics. Prior to university, he spent a year working in Westminster as a Junior Secretary to a then Secretary of State.

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Litterbugs 2.0

Download Publication Online Reader Litter is ugly and an overwhelming majority of Britons want action. Since the 1960s littering has increased by 500%. Years of inaction, compounded by a lack of personal responsibility and a sharp increase in littering during the COVID-19 pandemic has made the problem worse. Policy Exchange first recommended a national and coordinated approach to litter in Litterbugs published in 2009, but it was not until 2017 […]

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When discussing geopolitics sporting events rarely feature in conversation. There are a litany of historic occasions when politics collided with sports on the world stage. More often than not, these momentous occasions are written up in the history books as a force for good. Whether it’s the legendary 1914 Christmas Truce football match in No Man’s Land between opposing German and British troops or since 2016 the Refugee Olympic Team […]

Warship and Undersea Cables

How a Channel 5 fly-on-the wall documentary illustrates the prescience of Rishi Sunak’s Policy Exchange report. Warship: Life at Sea Season 3 – if it’s not on your radar (pardon the pun), I strongly recommend watching the latest season. The Channel 5 project is brilliantly produced and achieves so much by way of lifting the lid on secretive Royal Navy operations at home and abroad. Season 3 follows the deployment of […]

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