Edward Boyd

Edward Boyd

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Policing 2020: What kind of police service do we want in 2020?

Policing 2020 looks at the landscape of policing over the next ten years, calling for a return to Sir Robert Peel’s core principles of crime prevention by restoring the link between the public and the police. The report recommends replacing neighbourhood police officers with new Crime Prevention Officers and the establishment of Citizen Police Academies.

Police Officer Pensions: Affordability of current schemes

Police Officer Pensions: Affordability of current schemes reveals that the cost of police officer pensions has increased markedly over the past 15 years from under £1 billion in 1995/6 to £2.5 billion in 2009/10 and recommends the development of a New Model Police Pension scheme that is more affordable for officers and taxpayers alike.

Cost of the Cops: Manpower and deployment in policing

Since 2001 police funding has surged by a quarter in real terms but this investment has not transformed police performance. Taxpayers have spent at least £500m since 2006 in extra employment costs for over 7,000 police officers who have a uniform, but who are hidden away in back offices rather than policing. Cost of the Cops shows how the police can increase numbers of officers on front line duties at a time of when the police budget is shrinking.

Inside Job: Creating a market for real work in prison

Inside Job maps out what real work in prison should look like and what needs to change in the current prison system to make it a reality.

Related Blogs

What is the point of Police and Crime Commissioners?

Edward Boyd, Crime & Justice Research Fellow at Policy Exchange, argues that the incoming role of Police & Crime Commissioners should have been better communicated in the run up to the elections, but stresses that despite poor voter turnout, this is still an important opportunity for change in policing.

Police and Crime Commissioners are here to stay

Edward Boyd, Crime & Justice Research Fellow at Policy Exchange, sets out why PCCs are a good idea, advocating the fact that they remove control of police priorities from Whitehall and give the public a voice in setting police priorities.

The public are keen to listen: it is up to PCC candidates to excite them with their vision for the fight against crime

Crime & Justice Research Fellow Edward Boyd points at findings from Policy Exchange PCC website policeelections.com which suggest there is public interest in the upcoming elections and calls on the candidates to work to get their message out and excite the public with their plans.

Reform to police pay long-overdue

Crime & Justice Research Fellow Edward Boyd calls for reform of police officer remuneration, arguing that police pensions are unfair and need modernising and that in order to attract the best applicants the starting salary for police officers should be increased.

A fair wage for prisoners

Crime & Justice Research Fellow Edward Boyd sets out how the introduction of a 'Prisoner Minimum Wage' - as recommended in Policy Exchange report Inside Job - would prevent working prisoners from jeopardise the job prospects of the law-abiding.

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