Damian Hind

Damian Hind
Damian Hind is a Research Fellow in the Economics and Social Policy Unit. Before joining Policy Exchange, Damian worked as a Strategy Adviser in the Minister for the Cabinet Office’s Policy Unit, overseeing the implementation of priority projects, and helping to set direction for the efficiency and reform agenda. While in Government he also worked on an innovative, multi-million pound, energy procurement project. Prior to this he worked as a parliamentary researcher for Andrew Tyrie MP, Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee. Damian read Politics at the University of Nottingham, and has an MA in Legal and Political Theory from University College London.

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Whitehall spends more than £1bn on contractors

The Financial Times covers Whitehall Rules!, Policy Exchange's new report looking at how to improve pay and performance in the Civil Service. The report shows that the cost of government contractors has ballooned to £1bn in 2014/15, money that could be better spent on hiring talented new permanent staff.

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Delivering Differently

Delivering Differently argues that as many as one third (25,000) of London-based civil servants should be relocated to city regions and local authorities to boost productivity and innovation in public services.

Whitehall Rules! Improving pay and performance in the Civil Service

Whitehall Rules! shows how the Government could save £1 billion over the next four years by cutting the amount it currently spends on contractors by just 25%. In 2014/15, Government departments spent £1.01 billion on external contractors, up from £610 million in 2011/12.

On the Move: How to create a more mobile workforce

On the Move shows how making it easier for people – especially those on low incomes – to commute just a little bit further each day can put them in touch of thousands of extra potential jobs. Proposals from the report for doing so include tax benefits for ride-sharing schemes, introducing part-time rail tickets and devolution rail franchising and commercial bus subsidy.

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Damian Hind, Policy Exchange's Economics & Social Policy Research Fellow, examines the ONS's newly released Travel to Work Area data, highlighting the success of Cambridge and Manchester's labour markets.

We must connect more people to our urban centres

Damian Hind, an Economic and Social Policy Research Fellow at Policy Exchange, explains the case in favour of a more mobile workforce, as originally detailed in our recent report On the Move.

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