Blair Gibbs

Blair Gibbs

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From the Ground Up: Promising criminal justice projects in the US and the UK

From the Ground Up: Promising criminal justice projects in the US and the UK examines successful demonstration projects in the UK and the US that are attempting to reduce crime, drug use and incarceration, among other challenging goals.

Cost of the Cops: Manpower and deployment in policing

Since 2001 police funding has surged by a quarter in real terms but this investment has not transformed police performance. Taxpayers have spent at least £500m since 2006 in extra employment costs for over 7,000 police officers who have a uniform, but who are hidden away in back offices rather than policing. Cost of the Cops shows how the police can increase numbers of officers on front line duties at a time of when the police budget is shrinking.

Inside Job: Creating a market for real work in prison

Inside Job maps out what real work in prison should look like and what needs to change in the current prison system to make it a reality.

Fighting Crime and Disorder: Policing experience from America

The publication is a record of remarks made by Bill Bratton during his visit to the UK in November 2010 including a major speech to Policy Exchange. In the speech he described his experiences in reforming police organisations and fighting crime in New York and Los Angeles and the lessons it offers to police leaders everywhere.

Police Overtime Expenditure

Police Overtime Expenditure examines the significant variance in overtime between police forces in England & Wales.

Bringing Rights Back Home: Making human rights compatible with parliamentary democracy in the UK

This report explores the judicial landscape of the UK’s three supreme courts – in London, in Strasbourg and in Luxembourg (the European Court of Justice) – and the new human rights context in which the judiciary and politicians now operate.

Fitting the Crime: Reforming community sentences

Fitting the Crime: Reforming Community Sentences exposes how community sentences are failing to properly penalise or deter offenders and do not command public trust.

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Don’t let apathy rob you of a say on how you are policed

Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, Blair Gibbs, explains the importance of new Police & Crime Commissioners and introduces our new website – – which is designed to raise public awareness about the elections and those who are standing in them.

Fewer police officers doesn't necessarily mean a rise in crime

Head of Policy Exchange's Crime and Justice unit Blair Gibbs writes in The Guardian that a fall in police numbers does not necessarily lead to an increase in crime. Findings from Cost of the Cops are used to support his case.

Windsor - the outsider

Blair Gibbs, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, writes setting out why he believes Tom Winsor is the right man to head up Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), arguing that under Winsor the inspectorate can evolve further towards becoming a public auditor of standards and an economic regulator.

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