Anna Fazackerley

Anna Fazackerley
Anna Fazackerley was Head of both the Education & Arts and Culture units at Policy Exchange, responsible for defining research priorities and managing all projects in those areas.Before joining Policy Exchange, Anna worked as a journalist for several years and most recently spent two years as the director of Agora, a think tank on higher education.She has a first class degree in English from Manchester University.

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Blocking the Best: Obstacles to new, independent state schools

This report examines the changes required to make an expanded programme of genuinely independent state schools a reality.

More Fees Please?

More Fees Please? warns that with the Government’s student loan debt expected to rocket to £55 billion by 2018, the Treasury will not be able to afford a rise in fees without a radical change to the system of student support.

Changing the Channel: A case for radical reform of the Public Service Broadcasting in the UK

This report warns that public service broadcasting needs to be radically overhauled if it is to survive in the new digital age.

Simply Learning: Improving the skills system in England

This report looks at the skills system in England in order to understand the problems which beset it and to offer recommendations for reform. It offers a critique of the 2006 Leitch review, which is seen as the major driving force behind recent Government policy on skills.

Innovation and Industry: The Role of Universities

Innovation and Industry: The Role of Universities looks at how universities could form a key part of Britain’s economic recovery by acting as incubators of business and providers of expertise.

Science Fiction? Uncovering the real level of science skills at school and university

Our report debunks the Government's claims about the performance and take-up of science subjects at every level – GCSE, A Level and degree. Instead, misleading figures and lowered standards were found to behind many of the apparent ‘improvements’, with the result that British businesses now face a critical skills shortage.

Educating Rita? A model to address inadequate state support for part-time students

Educating Rita recommends that the government must invest £33 million to begin tackling the chronic underfunding of part-time students who currently receive a fraction of the support given to their younger full-time counterparts.

Building Blocks: An investigation into Building Schools for the Future

The report recommends that Labour's flagship Building Schools for the Future programme should be radically simplified and the quango who currently delivers this project - Partnerships for Schools - should have its remit curtailed.

Sink or Swim? Facing up to failing universities

Sink or swim? analyses the history of troubled mergers in British universities and takes a closer look at the accountability framework keeping universities in check. It considers the case for failure in the overcrowded London market and outlines some of the major financial threats for universities on the horizon.

The Hard Truth About 'Soft' Subjects

The hard truth about 'soft' subjects reveals that the vast majority of leading research universities are admitting fewer ‘soft’ A-levels and more traditional A-levels in comparison with the national uptake of these subjects in schools.

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