Policy Exchange at Conservative Party Conference

Policy Exchange hosts a series of events at the Conservative Party’s conference in Birmingham

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Tom Tugendhat MP discusses the “Fog of Law”

Tom Tugendhat MP discusses the enquiry into alleged abuse by British soldiers in Afghanistan on Radio 4.

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Policy Exchange 2016

In time for conference season, and already leading on the issues of today, Policy Exchange reveals its new senior line-up, with key facts about fresh and familiar faces.

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Britain’s historic opportunity to trade

Dr Geoff Raby, former Australian Ambassador to the WTO, urges the UK to begin preliminary free trade discussions with Australia and New Zealand before Article 50 is triggered.

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A new settlement between government and independent housing associations

Policy Exchange argues that Housing Associations should be given more freedoms to build so that the Government can meet its housing target.

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Policy Exchange at Labour Party Conference

Policy Exchange hosts a series of events in Liverpool.

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Conference Events

Too Hot to Handle?

Richard Howard, Head of Environment and Energy, warns that the previous Government’s plan to install electric heat pumps in 4 out of 5 homes is a colossal waste of money, and sets out an alternative strategy to decarbonise heating.

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Latest News

What Lessons From History Keep Being Forgotten?

John Bew, Head of Policy Exchange’s Britain in the World project, responds to the World Policy Journal’s question. He explains why ‘a training in history remains the best education for those who aspire to change the world’.

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Government ‘must do more to help vulnerable households this winter’

Together, a decade of loose public spending, fiscal stimulus and the aftermath of the financial crisis left Britain with the highest deficit in its post war history at 10.2% of GDP. Even half a decade later, that deficit is only half closed, and remains high internationally. Budgeting for Balance looks at the experience of fiscal consolidation so far, and how to approach the remainder of the task.

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