March 11, 2019

Tomorrow’s Places

A plan for building a generation of new millennial towns on the edge of London

To address the shortage of homes in and around London, a new government Department for Growth should work with the Mayor of London and partner directly with developers to build 15 new millennial towns in the capital’s commuter belt. Each new millennial town built should meet public demands for more beautiful housing development, increase people’s access to green space while improving its quality and maintaining its level of planning protection; and, provide millennials discounted home ownership.

Much greater ambition is needed by all levels of government in dealing with the undersupply of homes in London and the South East – and this Policy Exchange report provides a plan for doing that. It builds on the vision and principles the Wolfson Economics Prize promoted in 2014 and outlines a strategy that can be supported by central government and the Mayor of London. Political leaders who want to win the support of young millennial renters should read this report and act on it.


Jack Airey

Head of Housing. 2018-2020

Richard Blakeway

Chief Housing and Urban Regeneration Adviser

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