The Trojan Horse Affair

A Documentary Record

December 11, 2022

A new report by Policy Exchange today exposes a concerted campaign to rewrite history around the “Trojan Horse” scandal, where hard-line activists Islamised state schools in Birmingham.

In a foreword, two of those who tackled the problem and clashed at the time – Michael Gove, then Education Secretary, and Nick Timothy, then special adviser to the Home Secretary – come together to attack activist groups and slanted journalism, including by the New York Times, for a “campaign of grievance” aimed at “undermining the truth.”

Today’s report is the first comprehensive documentation of the key events in Birmingham, including the forced removal of successful secular headteachers, the imposition of segregated classrooms, the reduction of “un-Islamic” subjects such as biology, and the promotion to children of extremist views.

The report makes seven recommendations, including that the Government should consider an investigation into the impact that fears of being labelled “Islamophobic” or “racist” is having on the reporting by teachers of incidents of extremism or intolerance in schools.

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Dr Damon Perry

Senior Research Fellow (2021-2023)

Dr Paul Stott

Head of Security and Extremism

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