January 18, 2012

The Full Cost to Households of Renewable Energy Policies

This report finds that unnecessary and hugely expensive renewable energy policies will cost the average household in Britain a total of £400 a year by 2020 – the equivalent to 2.5p on VAT. The £400 is not the total cost of climate policy but the additional cost imposed because the government subsidises expensive renewables such as offshore wind rather than cheaper ways of reducing carbon emissions.

This report accuses the Government of not clearly presenting the full impacts and costs of climate and renewable energy policies on households, and outlines how the UK could meet its carbon targets while saving households hundreds of pounds.

See author Simon Less explain key concepts from the report below.

Report Impact

The EU Fresh Start project of Conservative backbench MPs referred to The Full Cost to Households of Renewable Energy Policies:https://www.eufreshstart.org/downloads/fullgreenpaper.pdf (p. 177).


Simon Less

Head of Environment & Energy, 2010-2012

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