December 15, 2019

The First Hundred Days

How the Government can implement the pledges in its 2019 election manifesto

Boris Johnson should “seize the moment” and make “quick wins” in a number of key policy areas during his first 100 days to “reform public services and reshape the inner workings of government”, says John Howard, the former Australian Prime Minister in the Foreword to a new Policy Exchange report. The paper offers a blueprint for the new Government to implement some of its key manifesto pledges and other ideas during its first 100 days in office.

This Briefing Paper was put together by Policy Exchange researchers and consultants, including: Jack Airey; Head of Housing; Warwick Lightfoot, Head of Economics; Jan Zeber, Economics Research Fellow; Will Heaven, Director of Policy; Iain Mansfield, Head of Education, Science, Skills and Innovation; Benedict McAleenan, Senior Adviser, Energy and Environment; Gabriel Elefteriu, Head of Space Policy; Richard Sloggett, Senior Fellow and Health and Social Care Lead; Chris Doughty, Housing Research Fellow; Sophia Falkner, Research Intern; Richard Walton, Senior Research Fellow; Sir Stephen Laws, Senior Research Fellow; Professor Richard Ekins, Head of Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project; Julie Marionneau, Research Fellow, Judicial Power Project.


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