October 9, 2019

The Duty to Build Beautiful

A collection of essays on embedding the beauty agenda in policymaking

In his first speech as Prime Minister on domestic policy, Boris Johnson said that his Government will, “emphasise the need, the duty, to build beautiful homes that people actually want to live in, and being sensitive to local concerns.”
As the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission enters its second phase – a final report is due by the end of the year – we are publishing this essay collection to provide new and practical ideas for building more beautiful homes and places. The collection brings together thinkers from law, finance, energy and environment, architecture, property, planning and housing.

Undoubtedly, fulfilling our duty to build beautifully will be a big task. But there is no end of opportunity. Technology and innovation, most evident in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), are ushering in a new era of housebuilding quality and design. I welcome this essay collection for some of its practical recommendations that will help us build more beautiful homes.


Jack Airey

Head of Housing. 2018-2020

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