November 11, 2019

Social Care Reform

The caring middle

New YouGov polling carried out for Policy Exchange shows the extent to which women, who have been identified as critical voters at this general election, worry about the impact of social care on their families and careers. As the major parties finalise their manifestoes, the polling shows that:

  • One in five (21%) women aged 35-55 have helped care for someone with long-term needs and nearly half (43%) of women in this group, know a close family member who has done this
  • 64% are worried about the effect that losing their home and other assets would have on their family If they required care in later life
  • 65% feel that the care system is too complicated too understand
  • 53% worry about the impact on their career if they were needed to take care of a relative


Richard Sloggett

Senior Fellow and Health and Social Care Lead (2019-2020)

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