June 18, 2008

Six Thousand Feet Under: burying the carbon problem

By Stuart Haszeldine, Gill Yaron, Edited by Tara Singh, Thomas Sweetman

The UK is missing the opportunity to be a world leader in tackling climate change due to Government inaction.

This report argues that Carbon Capture and Storage is essential to meet UK CO2 targets and deliver clean electricity and that the UK is ideally placed to spearhead a new movement to cutting carbon emissions internationally. This however is not happening: The UK CCS effort is slowing down, whilst other countries are speeding up, innovation by industry is stifled by over-management of a £1.5bn white elephant project. The UK can use electricity market finance to deliver new technology to slow climate change.


Thomas Sweetman

Environment & Energy Research Fellow, 2008

Tara Singh

Head of Environment & Energy, 2007-2008

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