September 9, 2019

Protest, Parliament and the rule of law

With the rhetoric inside the House of Commons ratcheted up to fever pitch this week, it is hardly surprising that protest outside Parliament became equally as chaotic and disruptive. Unruly groups of flag-waving ideologues from all sides of the Brexit debate ran around Parliament Square looking for public figures to berate and civil servants and members of the public ran the gauntlet to their offices. In a repeat of the infamous Anna Soubry moment earlier in the year, verbal insults were again levelled at various Members of Parliament. Bemused tourists and civil servants trying to focus on government business were treated to the relentless noise pollution of drumbeats, sound systems, ‘sit-downs’, road blockings and huge flags on sticks being stuck into street furniture and statues around Whitehall with protesters routinely blocking the entrance to Downing Street itself.


Richard Walton

Senior Fellow (2019-2021)

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