July 22, 2019


A policy programme to raise standards at all levels of the education sector and to ensure the UK has the skilled and qualified labour force necessary to boost national productivity.

The next government should…

  • Raise standards in schools through a commitment to improving behaviour in the classroom and prioritising the expectation and enforcement of high standards of discipline within all schools.
  • Improve teaching by cutting class sizes in the Foundation Stage; supporting a knowledge based curriculum; keeping SATs for pupils at the end of Key Stage Two; and with increased monitoring of pupil behaviour.
  • Incentivise teacher retention and recruitment, as well as improve the knowledge and skills of teachers, through the introduction of a bursary scheme to fund teachers to study for a higher degree and the introduction of in-service sabbaticals with a focus on professional development.
  • Increase funding for the Further Education sector, as recommended by the Augar Review.
  • Incentivise uptake of vocational qualifications by making T-levels compatible with A-levels and allowing for transfer between the two. Increase funding for and awareness of apprenticeships at all levels.
  • Review university admissions processes with a particular focus on the impact of unconditional and contextual offers. Reduce university tuition fees to £7,500 as recommended in the Augur Review and review the interest rate on repayments.


Dr Joanna Williams

Head of Education and Culture

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