September 10, 2012

Do the Public Back More Reform of Public Services? An overview of the latest opinion research

This report shows that many people cannot access good public services and a majority – even of public sector workers – want charities and businesses to replace them.

Of those who expressed an opinion, one in five parents said they cannot access a good school for their child, one in seven couldn’t get onto a good GP’s lists and one in three couldn’t access a good NHS dentist.

A majority (60%) favoured letting new charity and business providers take over services rather than trying stricter performance management with existing providers (40%).

The report also reviews previous public opinion research, concluding overall that people overwhelmingly want change, especially more vulnerable groups who rely on public services most.


Sean Worth

Head of the Better Public Services Project, 2012-14

Colleen Nwaodor

Research Assistant, 2012-2013

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