July 11, 2020

Daylight Robbery

Uncovering the true cost of public sector fraud in the age of COVID-19 

Research by Policy Exchange finds that fraud and error during the COVID-19 crisis will cost the UK Government in the region of £4.6 billion. The lower bound for the cost of fraud in this crisis is £1.3 billion and the upper bound is £7.9 billion, in light of total projected expenditure of £154.3 billion by the Government (excluding additional expenditure announced in the 8th July 2020 Economic Update). The true value may be closer to the upper bound, due to the higher than usual levels of fraud that normally accompany disaster management.


Richard Walton

Senior Fellow (2019-2021)

Sophia Falkner

Research Fellow (2019-2021)

Benjamin Barnard

Head of Government, Politics and Technology Policy (2019-2022)



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