Crime & Policing: What do we want from the next Prime Minister?

A series of policy proposals for new leadership: Crime & Policing – A force fit for the future

August 30, 2022

When the new Prime Minister takes office on the 6th September 2022, they will be faced with a police service which has, over the last decade, lost its way. Violent crime is all too common. Burglars and robbers are so unlikely to be caught that these crimes have become almost decriminalised. At least one in ten of us will fall victim to online fraudsters this year alone.

This manifesto, one of a series published by Policy Exchange, proposes reform and modernisation alongside targeted investment. The manifesto makes 11 recommendations which would enable government to deliver on one of its fundamental duties – the safety of its citizens from those who would commit crime and disorder.

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David Spencer

Head of Crime & Justice

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