November 19, 2008

Building Bridges: Philanthropy strengthening communities

We are living in difficult times. The global financial system has been under severe stress as this report goes to print and has suffered major setbacks.

The City, the jewel in our own economic crown, is having to learn important lessons and the economy as a whole is facing the prospect of a period of recession.

But Britain must not forget its other great traditions that have endured over the years through economic ups and downs. We have a long history of philanthropy that meets this description and now is an important time to build on that tradition to develop a thriving modern philanthropy that meets the needs of the day and will endure into an uncertain future.

This report is about the role that people can play in addressing the needs of our society when they have created financial wealth that they are prepared to invest philanthropically.

It gives motivational examples of individuals acting as leaders in the communities who are not only financially generous, but are dedicating significant time and energy to bridging social divides and making their communities better places to live, work or simply be.


Rhodri Davies

Government and Philosophy Research Fellow, 2007-2009

Louisa Mitchell

Head of Family and Philanthropy Unit, 2006-2008

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