A Call for a Tall Buildings Policy

January 22, 2022

As part of Policy Exchange’s Building Beautiful programme, new polling, in one of the most extensive surveys in years, has revealed the widespread public concern about the impact tall buildings have had on the heritage, character and appearance of London.  The survey showed that an overwhelming majority (71%) believe tall buildings should not be allowed to interfere with historic views, with 70% believing they should fit in with their surroundings.

Policy Exchange has recommended a call for a comprehensive new tall buildings policy for the capital, to be replicated in other affected UK cities like Norwich, Manchester and Liverpool.  In addition, to deliver real community engagement in the UK planning system, our ‘Provably Popular Homes’, report recommends that the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities should consider our poll across diverse demographics to find out what the public thinks of new buildings.

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Ike Ijeh

Head of Housing, Architecture & Urban Space

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