Welcome commitment to academic core from Justine Greening

John Blake

Head of Education and Social Reform

Commenting on today’s speech by the Education Secretary, in which she outlined the Government’s approach to school reform, John Blake, Policy Exchange’s new Head of Education and Social Reform and a former teacher, said:

“It’s good to see the Government using data to move beyond the overly simplistic division between those who receive free schools and those who don’t, and to try to understand more about “ordinary working families’” experience of school. We also welcome the clear commitment to an academic core for all students, whether they attend selective schools or not, and a firm statement that the curriculum and assessment reforms of the past seven years will be retained. 

“The Education Secretary was clear that new selective schools are part, and only a part, of this new push to ensure all students can access high quality education. Universities and independent schools are also being asked to play a part in delivering for all families what the past 15 years of educational reform has delivered for those who were fortunate enough to be able to access improved schools. These reforms have hugely benefited some areas across England where the academy and free school programme has made such a difference – it’s now time to ensure that children in every part of England and Wales have the same opportunities.”

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