Using the Lessons of Digital Nudge

Eddie Copeland

Head of Technology Policy, 2013-15

“Amazon utilises technology and observations about human behaviour to gently push you into purchasing more than you plan to. In a talk presented to the Socitm 2015 conference, Eddie Copeland of Policy Exchange argued that local authorities could learn from this and use digital innovations combined with insights into human behaviour — what he calls ‘digital nudge’ — to help councils make huge efficiency savings.

“I first became interested in behavioural sciences’, he tells me, ‘in 2011 when I read Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler’s book, Nudge.’ Published in 2009, this bestseller found its way onto the bookshelves of power on both sides of the Atlantic. Its central thesis is that insights into human behaviour can be used, as the subtitle puts it, to ‘improve decisions about health, wealth and happiness.”

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