Schools Minster endorses Policy Exchange plan to raise standards while reducing teacher workload

John Blake

Head of Education and Social Reform

Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP has publically backed the latest education report by Policy Exchange, setting out how standards can continue to be raised in state schools. Completing the Revolution set out how using textbooks produced by respected third-parties like the British Museum can improve the quality of teaching while reducing the time teachers have to spend preparing for lessons. The idea builds upon other school reforms pioneered by Policy Exchange, including free schools and the pupil premium.

In his speech at an international text book summit attended by representatives from Finland, Singapore and Royal Society at the Royal Society, Mr Gibb said:

“Policy Exchange’s John Blake has written an excellent report, arguing for the importance of textbooks at the heart of coherent curriculum programmes (shortened to CCPs) – units of work, supported by professional development, lesson resources and textbooks. John argues persuasively that CCPs – already employed by leading multi-academy trusts, chains of charter type like schools – help to reduce workload and improve the quality of curriculum, as experienced in the classroom.


“Crucially, his report highlights the fact that textbooks support teachers in what he terms “the final foot”.”

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