Rachel Reeves “Loneliness” event features in Daily Mirror column

Daily Mirror columnist Ros Wynne-Jones, who chaired the Throwing a New Light on Loneliness event held at Policy Exchange, has written on the same topic in her column for the newspaper.

The event saw Rachel Reeves MP set out the findings of the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness and give her thoughts on how we can create a less lonely world – nine million people in the UK report that they are always or often lonely.

Suggesting that this might not be her natural environment, Wynne-Jones added:

“But how amazing to be at the Policy Exchange listening to people talk not about Brexit, but about love. About society at its most basic – the interconnectedness we all desperately need.”

She concluded that:

“To end the modern scourge of loneliness will take a dramatic change in public policy. But also a million acts of solidarity and kindness taken by each one of us.”

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