“Broken Windows” moment". It drastically changed the terms of the debate and led to decisive action to deal with the problem." />

Policy Exchange lawfare work ‘the UK equivalent of Broken Windows’

Sep 7, 2017

In Andrew Gimson’s profile of Tom Tugendhat MP, co-author of Policy Exchange publications Fog of Law, Clearing the Fog of Law and The Cost of Doing Nothing, he writes:

While working for Richards, [Tugendhat] became worried by the utterly unfair and misguided persecution, by lawyers making large sums at public expense, of British troops who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As soon as Tugendhat left the Army, Dean Godson, at Policy Exchange, commissioned him to write two pamphlets, The Fog of Law and Clearing the Fog of Lawwhich put this issue on the map.

Policy Exchange’s work on “lawfare”, as it came to be known, was the UK equivalent of the Manhattan Institute’s “Broken Windows” moment, for it drastically changed the terms of the debate, and led to decisive action to deal with the problem.

You can read the full profile here.

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