Monarchy helps unify the country post-Brexit, new poll finds

A clear majority of people in all parts of the United Kingdom think that the monarchy unifies the country following the Brexit referendum, according to polling data carried out exclusively for Policy Exchange. Even in Scotland and Northern Ireland, which voted to remain in the EU, more than double think the monarchy brings the country together than the reverse. Writing the day after the royal wedding and the day before he addresses a Policy Exchange conference on the Union, William Shawcross CVO – royal biographer and former chairman of the Charity Commission – said:

‘As we rejoice at a young couple’s union, we are right to reflect on our own union of nations. The wisdom of four peoples, rejuvenated with youthful, optimistic vigour, reflects the modern United Kingdom.

At this time of political turmoil, with Brexit looming and Westminster divided, these figures are a source of comfort. Like the monarchy, the Union is a thing to be cherished: a source of stability and reassurance. This old alliance of nations has been a bulwark against external threats and a springboard for national prosperity.’

The data is part of a wider analysis on public opinion on the Union to be published tomorrow to coincide with a major conference on the future of the Union. Policy Exchange will host, among others:

  • The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Professor Lord Bew of Donegore Cross-bench peer and Professor Emeritus, Queens’ University Belfast
  • William Shawcross CVO, Royal Biographer and former Chairman of the Charity Commission of England and Wales
  • The Rt Hon Arlene Foster MLA PC Former First Minister of Northern Ireland Leader of Democratic Unionist Party
  • The Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP Chairman of the Conservative and Unionist Party
  • The Rt Hon Jim Murphy Former Secretary of State for Scotland Former leader of the Scottish Labour Party
  • Lord Glasman Labour peer and political theorist, academic and social commentator
  • The Rt Hon Lord Murphy of Torfaen, PC, KCMCO, KSG Former Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland
  • The Rt Hon Ruth Davidson MSP Leader, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party MSP for Edinburgh Central
  • The Rt Hon Lord Darling of Roulanish Chancellor of the Exchequer, Former MP for Edinburgh South West, Former Chairman, Better Together Campaign


In light of Brexit do you think that the Monarchy is a force for unity or division in the UK?
Total England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland
Unweighted Total 2087 530 511 513 533
Total 2087 530 511 513 533
Force for unity 1079 301 235 267 277
52% 57% 46% 52% 52%
Force for division 341 67 108 69 98
16% 13% 21% 13% 18%
Don’t know 666 162 168 178 158
32% 31% 33% 35% 30%


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