Global warming and the threat to humanity

Dec 1, 2015

“The Prince of Wales is addressing the Paris conference to discuss a possible new agreement on tackling climate change. In a city traumatised by terrorism, the Prince acknowledges that there are plainly other urgent questions facing the world, but he insists that climate change is an issue that is more urgent than any of them, affecting as it does not just this generation but those unborn. The subject has an especial pertinence today as Londoners digest the shocking results of a King’s College report into air quality. Joint research by the college and Policy Exchange found that nearly a quarter of the city’s school pupils are breathing air containing levels of pollutants that breach EU safety limits. Startlingly, this proportion rises to almost 60 per cent in inner London boroughs, where levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are highest, largely because of the amount of traffic.”

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