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The Property Owning Democracy

December 4, 2023

Download Publication Online Reader This paper is concerned with one of the most elemental structural features of British society: who owns it?   Since classical antiquity, thinkers have recognised an intimate connection between the ownership of private property and the vitality of a political order. Ownership gives people self-sufficiency, independence, and a sense of stake in their community, both local and...

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Schools out?

December 2, 2023

  Download Publication   Online Reader Schools out? Selected documents and analysis of the current school strikes This report serves as the first substantive analysis of the school strikes demanding a ceasefire in the Israel/Palestinian conflict, which spread across the country during November 2023. The strikes pose a challenge to the education system in three areas – participation in them...

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‘Blasphemy’ in Schools

November 20, 2023

Download Publication Online Reader Exclusive polling published by Policy Exchange – conducted by YouGov – exposes that a de facto blasphemy code is being introduced to our schools.  In Britain, no one has the right not to be offended. Words or actions that are taken by some as offensive – whether they relate to one’s religion, sexuality or race –...

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The Crown Prosecution Service’s approach to transgenderism

November 5, 2023

Download Publication Online Reader Our new report demonstrates how the CPS, which should be impartial, is heavily influenced by partisan and heavily ideological beliefs about gender identity. Annex D of the updated CPS guidance gives examples of “how trans and non-binary people may be abused by intimate partners or family members”. The report examines the problems with the content of Annex...

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The ‘Wicked and the Redeemable’

November 4, 2023

Download Publication Online Reader A new report published today by Policy Exchange provides the most forensic review of the current crisis in the Criminal Justice System – and delivers a detailed long-term plan for Government to solving the crisis. The report is authored by David Spencer, a former Met Police Detective Chief Inspector and Policy Exchange’s Head of Crime and...

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Sovereignty and Security in the Indian Ocean

October 27, 2023

Download Publication Online Reader This paper makes the urgent case for the Government not to cede control of the Chagos Islands.  In November 2022, the Foreign Secretary announced that the UK was entering into negotiations with Mauritius about the exercise of sovereignty over the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), one of the United Kingdom’s fourteen overseas territories. The BIOT is...

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History Matters Project Compendium 15th Edition

October 26, 2023

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The future is safe and legal

October 21, 2023

Download Publication Online Reader This report calls for a new safe and legal route for genuine refugees – which would only come into effect once illegal Channel crossings have dropped to below 10,000 a year. Under the plan put forward by David Goodhart, the number of refugees admitted under this new route would be set by an annual cap from...

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What do we want from the King’s Speech?

October 16, 2023

  Download Publication   Online Reader What do we want from the King’s Speech?’ sets out an ambitious programme of 14 new laws that the Government should announce in the King’s Speech – for what will be the last Parliamentary Session before the general election. Proposals put forward by Policy Exchange include: Regaining the initiative on housing, with bold plans...

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Web3: Democratising the Internet

October 2, 2023

Download Publication Online Reader A new report published today by Policy Exchange, ‘Web3: Democratising the Internet’ reveals the opportunity for the UK to seize a major share of the rapidly growing tech sector known as Web3 – a term that refers to a decentralised, version of the internet that uses technology such as blockchains and crypto-assets. Related Publications

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