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Politicising Business

May 19, 2024

Read Publication Polling Document 1 Polling Document 2 Policy Exchange’s Politicising Business project will document and explore the role and influence of social and ideological considerations on contemporary business, particularly the extent to which business has been captured by special interest groups. Policy Exchange will methodically document how this is occurring. As part of this project we are launching a...

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One size fits all

May 12, 2024

Download Publication Online Reader The first detailed study of new plans for “Fair Pay Agreements”- published by Policy Exchange today – finds that the policy could cost taxpayers £4.2bn per year in social care alone, £21bn over a parliament, while failing to improve many beneficiaries’ living standards.  The plans, part of Labour’s New Deal for Working People, have been little...

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April 30, 2024

Download Publication Online Reader A range of factors have been suggested as catalysing the decline in the mental health of children and young people in recent years.  Perhaps the most significant hypothesis is the link between smartphone ownership, social media use and a greater prevalence of mental and behavioural disorders amongst children and young people. A major Policy Exchange study...

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Tall Buildings

April 27, 2024

  Download Publication   Online Reader A new report for Policy Exchangem ‘Tall Buildings: A Policy Framework for Responsible High-Rise and Better Density’, argues that the unplanned proliferation of tall buildings has not delivered the housing Britain needs – and calls for a more responsible approach to urban density. It conclusively shows that building more tall buildings is not the...

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A definition of Islamophobia?

April 22, 2024

Download Publication Online Reader Policy Exchange today shines a light on how the term ‘Islamophobia’ is being regularly misused to silence open debate about contemporary issues, with a series of egregious examples since the 7/10 attacks by Hamas. Those examples are catalogued in this report, including how asking an MP to agree that terrorists should attack fewer people is ‘Islamophobic’, as...

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Human Rights and the Rule of Law

April 17, 2024

  Download Publication   Online Reader A new report from Policy Exchange published today, ‘Human Rights and the Rule of Law’, challenges the common assumption that the idea of the rule of law supports European human rights law. The report, written by Professor Richard Ekins KC (Hon) – Head of Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project and Professor of Law and...

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Tehran Calling

April 15, 2024

Download Publication Online Reader A new report by Policy Exchange ‘Tehran calling: The Iranian threat to the UK’ exposes the extent to which the Islamic Republic of Iran poses a unique challenge to both the security and social cohesion of the United Kingdom.  Iran is a hostile state in the style of Russia or China: it seeks to interfere with...

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Not Fit for Purpose

April 13, 2024

  Download Publication   Online Reader A new report calls for the Government to overhaul assessments of fitness to work, including the ‘fit note’ and incapacity and disability assessment as part of a package of measures to curb long-term sickness absence and an unsustainable trajectory for welfare spending. Based upon an analysis of the latest data on the use of...

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Decarbonising the Grid

March 25, 2024

Download Publication Slide Deck Data Book Online Reader Decarbonising the Power Grid uses state-of-the-art economic modelling – conducted by Aurora Energy Research – to calculate the capital investment, costs to consumers, long-term savings and carbon emissions saved under the power sector targets set by both Labour and the Conservatives. Aurora is the largest dedicated power analytics provider in Europe, founded...

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Economic Transformation: Lessons From History

March 14, 2024

Download Publication Online Reader The subject we address in the first paper in the Policy Programme for Prosperity series is the international evidence on how countries can achieve an economic transformation. We all know that economic transformation is difficult. Indeed, there is widespread pessimism about British governments ever being able to achieve anything at all. Yet there are a number of examples...

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