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Digital Communications Manager

Job Title: Digital Communications Manager Working For: Policy Exchange Location: London Salary: Commensurate with experience Job Details: As our Digital Communications Manager, you will work closely with the leadership team and managers to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to improve Policy Exchange’s profile with external audiences that: promotes the brand, reputation and work of Policy Exchange on a range of digital platforms; supports the strategic objectives of the organisation;

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The AUKUS Industry Forum

  Time for the UK to Lift Ambitions on AUKUS   The AUKUS agreement between the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States is a trilateral pact seeking to deliver mutual defence industrial capacity uplift, and accelerate the development of the most critical tech for our resilience and prosperity. It contains two crucial pillars, which will support British deterrence objectives and advance our security and prosperity in a sharpening global

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Labour Party Conference 2023

Labour Party Conference 2023 Add our full listings to calendar Monday 9th October 9:30 – 10:30 – Room 17, ACC Shoplifting, violence and abuse: Confronting the crime epidemic faced by retailers and shop-workers Add to calendar There are few more important issues to be tackled on our high streets than the crime epidemic faced by retailers and shop-workers. ’Property’ crimes are often regressive- impacting those living in the most deprived

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Conservative Party Conference 2023

Conservative Party Conference 2023 Add our full listings to calendar Sunday 1st October 14:00 – 15:00 Is a Diagnostics Revolution the Key to Improving the NHS? Add to calendar From ‘point of care’ or ‘at-home’ testing to the development of community diagnostic hubs, great strides have been made in improving access to diagnostics across the NHS in recent years. So how do we maximise early detection as a means of

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Biology Matters Publications

Choose A Category Publications All Biology Matters Crime and Justice Demography, Immigration and Integration Economics and Social Policy Education Environment and Energy Foreign Policy and Security Government and Politics Health and Social Care History Matters Housing and Urban Regeneration Industrial Strategy International Trade Judicial Power Project Liveable London Security and Extremism Space Technology

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