The Government’s Social Reform Agenda: What will it mean in practice?

September 27, 2016

Time & Date

Tuesday 4th October 2016

15.30 – Start
16.30 – End


Policy Exchange Marquee (ENT 1)
Cambridge Street
B1 2NP

The Rt Hon. the Lord Willetts, former Minister of State for Universities
Nick Bosanquet, Emeritus Professor of Health Policy, Imperial College London
Philip Collins, Columnist and Chief Leader Writer, The Times
Paul Goodman, Editor, ConservativeHome

Rebecca Lowe Coulson, Policy Exchange

In recent years, successive Conservative leaders have shown a special interest in social justice, especially in the form of helping the poorest in society, and in social mobility – in other words, in helping people to realise their aspirations, thus creating a more meritocratic society.

The new Prime Minister has made it clear that the Government will be less focused on social justice and social mobility than on what some of its key figures term  “social reform” – that is to say, improving the standard of living and quality of life for ordinary working people.

What will this mean in practice?  What implications does it have for social justice, and the poorest people in society, who are either in low-paid work or are not working at all?

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