In defence of offsetting, markets and (almost) politicians

February 5, 2014

I am a big fan of Mark Avery’s blog. The former Conservation Director of the RSPB is passionate, prolific and punchy – exactly what you want from a blogger, especially on the natural environment.

However, I think his punchiness boiled over into prejudice in a recent blogpost about biodiversity offsetting, rapidly becoming an environmental dividing line. Avery said it would be a bad idea because 1. ‘You can’t trust the government’ and 2. ‘It’s not likely to work anyway’. The first point is a bit yawn-inducing, reminiscent of those bores at Question Time who always get a cheap cheer by claiming all politicians are crooks. The second point is a reasonable one for discussion. We at PX are cautiously in favour, for reasons we explored in more detail here. We would have preferred better pilots, but we are where we are…

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